Verse 7-Analects of Confucius Chapter 3

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Verse 7 of Analects of Confucius Chapter 3

English: Confucius said, "There is no contention between gentlemen. The nearest to it is, perhaps, archery. In archery, they bow and make way for one another as they go up and on coming down they drink together. This is the way gentlemen contend."

Modern: 孔子说:“君子对人没有什么好争,除了比射箭。比箭登堂时,拱手敬礼,下堂后一起饮酒。此乃君子之争。”

Original: 子曰:“君子无所争,必也射乎!揖让而升,下而饮。其争也君子。”



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