Verse 4-Analects of Confucius Chapter 2

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Verse 4 of Analects of Confucius Chapter 2

English: Confucius said:"When I am fifteen, I aspired to learn. At thirty, I can be independent. At forty, I am not deluded. At fifty, I knew my destiny. At sixty, I knew truth in all I heard. At seventy, I could follow my heart's desire without overstepping the line."

Modern: 孔子曰:“我十五岁时,始有志于学。到三十岁能坚定自立了。到四十,我对一切道理,能通达不再有疑惑。到五十,我能知道什么是天命了。到六十,凡我一切听到的,都能明白贯通,不再感到于心有违逆。到七十,我只放任我心所欲,也不会有逾越规矩法度之处了。”

Original: 子曰:“吾十有五而志于学,三十而立,四十而不惑,五十而知天命,六十而耳顺,七十而从心所欲,不逾矩。”



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