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The Analects of Confucius (Traditional Chinese: 論語, Simplified Chinese: 论语, pinyin: Lún Yǔ), are a record of the words and acts of the central Chinese thinker Confucius and his disciples, as well as the discussions they held. The Chinese title literally means "discussion over [Confucius'] words."

Written during the Spring and Autumn Period through the Warring States Period (ca. 479 BC - 221 BC), the Analects is the representative work of Confucianism and continues to have a huge influence on Chinese and East Asian thought and values today.

There are altogether 20 Chapters in this collection.

The chapters are as follows:

1st Part

  1. Chapter 1, 学而
  2. Chapter 2, 为政
  3. Chapter 3. 八佾
  4. Chapter 4, 里仁
  5. Chapter 5, 公冶长
  6. Chapter 6, 雍也
  7. Chapter 7, 述而
  8. Chapter 8, 泰伯
  9. Chapter 9, 子罕
  10. Chapter 10, 乡党

2nd Part

  1. Chapter 11, 先进
  2. Chapter 12, 颜渊
  3. Chapter 13, 子路
  4. Chapter 14, 宪问
  5. Chapter 15, 卫灵公
  6. Chapter 16, 季氏
  7. Chapter 17, 阳货
  8. Chapter 18, 微子
  9. Chapter 19, 子张
  10. Chapter 20, 尧曰
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"" Compilation of Verses on Learning.

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