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Welcome to Chinese Wiki!
Chinese Wiki, started in September 2006, aims to showcase Chinese Wisdom & Applications (eg. Sun Tzu Quotes), from China History to Ancient Chinese Military Strategists & Philosophers to all visitors. With the growing importance of China and Chinese Language in the economic arena. Chinese Wiki aims to bridge the gap between China and the rest the world by presenting Chinese Ancient Wisdom, History and Culture to the world in its true and best form.
... so start your exploration by choosing any of the categories below.


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Chinese Military Strategists and Works
Ancient China especially the period of Spring Autumn Period to the Warring States Period has produced many famous Military Strategists. The most famous in modern times has been Sun Zi, whose quotes and works are not only studied by Chinese but foreigners as well, the work has found application in business, career and life.

Enter Military Strategists and Works for more information on China's Military History and its Business Application

Business & Life Applications of Chinese Wisdom
Many people have marveled at Sun Tzu Art of War because it has found many applications in many areas especially in business. While Confucianism has shaped the mindset of the Chinese for more than 1500 years, and people can find applications in Confucius teaching as well, even till today, especially on 'people' skills. The emperors throughout China's History has to run the country well and manage the ongoing power struggle and with that comes lessons we can use.

Enter Applications for more information on how to apply these ancient Chinese works into your business and life.

There are many schools of thoughts in China, many famous philosophers came from the Spring Autumn Period and Warring States Period. The most famous school of thought is Confucianism which has shaped the thoughts of Chinese even till today.

Enter Philosophers for more information on the School of Thoughts and Philosophers

History of China
The history of China is detailed by historical records dating back to 1500 BC. Some emperors of China are recognised as great leaders and they can serve as good case studies for leadership in any field, more commonly in business.

Enter China History for more information on China's History

Miscellaneous Works
There are many works since the start of the Chinese civilizations that are not written by philosophers or military strategist. Some of these are written by politicians for their rulers thus lessons about governance can be found in these works. Other classics like Three Character Classics, which is read widely by Chinese around the world, has stories that contains lessons we can learn from.

Enter Miscellaneous Works for more information on other Ancient/Modern Chinese Works.

Chinese Culture and Language
In this category, you can learn more about Chinese Culture like the language, literature and the major festival that the Chinese celebrate. You will also find some information about Famous Chinese Heritage Sites, their place in history and its significance.

Enter Culture for more information on Chinese Culture & Language

Latest Translated Works

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Quick Links to Popular Works

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